Why do you need my phone number?

At Sapi people exchange their phone number, if they agree to meet each other.

Now you may wonder: Isn’t it dangerous to give your phone number to a stranger?

Let me tell you that once upon a time, in a very ancient world, people published all their phone numbers together with their name in a yellow book and gave every citizen a copy of that book. They called it the yellow pages.

Blocking someone on your Iphone (link) or Android (link) phone is very easy. It only takes 3 clicks and the person is not able to bother you anymore.

Why is it better to speak on Whatsapp?

I personally used online dating a lot and most of the time it happened that someone didn’t check their messages for several days. When they checked, there were so many of them, that they didn’t like to respond all at once.

It’s better to say more often “no” than “yes” but if you say “yes”, trust people your phone number and keep the conversation going. Trust me, you will save a lot of time, and also build more meaningful relationships than thousands of superficial “And what are you like doing on weekends?” dialogs.

We actually want that you find real love in life, and delete Sapi pretty soon. But we can only do that if you trust the other person with your private Whatsapp.

For private meetings, we are way more cautious: You should never meet anybody that you haven’t had a video call before. Always do video calling before meeting a person. If you meet someone for the first time, always do it at a public place. Never visit anybody at home, unless you want to get intimate with the person. Be cautious, be conscious, but still trust people enough to give them an authentic and lovely smile 🙂

Is it okay to share Instagram and Facebook as well?

Well… people publish the places they visit frequently. So we recommend to be way more cautious with social media than with your private phone number. It’s up to you, but make sure they don’t replace the video call. Always do video calling!

We love you,